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Assign recurring tasks to employees based on their roles and responsibilities

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Document anything your heart desires. Then connect specific assignments to those forms

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File Drive

Add training guides, pictures, and videos to ensure tasks are completed correctly

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Review key work metrics such as task completion for employees and groups

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Scheduled Tasks

Even small delays can be costly. With Xenon Chex's scheduling tool you're able to organize task completion at the best and most efficient times. This helps you improve employee productivity with very minimal effort.

○ Add in automated reminders at custom intervals
○ See task completion in real time from any device anywhere
○ Send notifications to specific personnel or job functions when tasks are close to expiring


Custom Forms

Your business is unique and so is the information you need to run it. Xenon Chex throws out the one-size fits all model and gives you configurability to craft your forms and collect your data.

○ Transform your forms into checklists, training modules or assessments
○ Create your own templates or choose standardized ones that match your industry
○ Build relationships between different forms


File Drive

Give your employees keys to succeed. File Drive allows you to attach how-to-guides and instructions to every task, checklist, and form. Stop wasting resources every time you have a new employee to train or a new office process to learn. With Xenon Chex you spend less time coaching and more time doing!

○ Build in detailed step-by-step instruction
○ Enhance training guides with picture and video files
○ Provide contact details in case of an emergency or when another hand is needed


Flexible Reporting

What's gets recorded gets improved. That's why with Xenon Chex we've made your Key Performance Indicators the first thing you see when you log in. You no longer have to waste time running reports or messing with spreadsheets. Instead get instant visibility into your operational performance with just one click.

○ View which tasks are complete, overdue, and expired
○ Filter results based on a variety of characteristics including level of task completion, responsible personnel, and location
○ View trends over time

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